Use of Personal Information

Tabuchi Electric Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") shall make every effort to handle Personal Information properly in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.

Permitted uses of Personal Information

The Company may use Personal Information provided by customers for the following purposes:

  1. (1) To engage in business activities involving the provision of information on products, proposals, and other information on our products
  2. (2) To deliver and install products and services purchased from the Company and to provide related repair, inspection, and other after-sales services
  3. (3) To engage in public relations and investor relations activities
  4. (4) To provide information to and contact applicants responding to hiring and recruitment activities
  5. (5) To respond to inquiries made through the Company's website
  6. (6) To engage in other activities ancillary or related to the above

Sharing of Personal Information

Where the Company judges that activities involving the use of Personal Information for any of the above purposes may be appropriately performed by a Member of the Company's Group, the Company may share Personal Information with that Member. In such case, the Company shall be responsible to the individual or customer for the protection of such Personal Information.

(1) Entities with which Personal Information may be shared:
Members of the Company's group (the Company and subsidiaries of the Company)
(2) Items of personal information that may be shared:
Names, addresses, phone/fax numbers, company names, company addresses, positions and titles, company phone/fax numbers, email addresses, serial numbers of the Company's products, etc.
(3) Permitted uses of shared Personal Information:
The same as the above "Permitted uses of Personal Information"
(4) Entity with responsibility for protection of shared Personal Information:
Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.

Entrustment of Personal Information

Where the Company outsources operations to a contractor, the Company may entrust Personal Information to that contractor if required for any of the purposes specified above.

The Company shall maintain strict control of any Personal Information entrusted at such time. (Personal records including information on handling of customer inquiries may in such case be kept by the Company and the contractor.)

Collection of Personal Information

Personal Information shall be provided at the option of the customer.