Message from Executive Leadership

  • Chairman Teruhisa Tabuchi
  • President Toshihiro Kaihoshi

Thank you for your continuous support.

We have been a leading player in the electronics industry since our foundation in 1925. Under our management principle "Customer First" and "Contribution to the World through Quality Products", we consider that our mission is enriching people's lives culturally and mentally and contributing to greater comfort and convenience by developing products one step ahead of the rest. By supplying transformers and Power Suppliess that play vital roles in so many applications, we are contributing to industries and people' lives.

In 1995, we branched out into the inverter business, focusing in particular on solar inverters for PV systems so as to take full advantage of our experience in related technologies. While this was initially very much a niche business and there were times when we struggled to keep it going, we continued to assign valuable engineering talents to keeping product development going. While our products have evolved from transformers to power supplies and now to inverters, they all still have at their core our proprietary control technologies. We also utilize not only digital but also analog technologies in our products as a spice to bring out the best. We recognize how important it is that these unique technologies found in all our products are now being applied in the energy sector to solve urgent challenges faced by countries around the world, and we aim to actively develop our presence overseas to become a global player.

Adhering to our goal of being a leading eco-friendly company, we are committed to continuing to work with our group companies and all our customers in order to produce the products that the world needs, while contributing to society and raise our own corporate value.