Company Profile

Company Name Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.
Global Headquarters Address Nissay Shin-osaka Bldg., 3-4-30 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0003 Japan
Phone +81-6-4807-3500 (main number)
Fax +81-6-4807-3502
Chairman Teruhisa Tabuchi
President Toshihiro Kaihoshi
Founded May 1925
Established December 1939
Business lineup Manufacture and sales of transformers for electronic equipment, Power Supplies for electronic equipment, and various electronic components
Capital 3,611 million yen (as of March 2018)
Sales 26,417 million yen (Business year 2017 result)
Employee 3,364 (as of March 2018)
Business facilities Tokyo, Tochigi, Kanagawa, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Hanoi, Bangkok, San Jose, Wehingen(Germany)
Products lineup Transformer business:
Low-frequency transformers, high-frequency transformers, transformers for magnetrons, high-voltage transformers,
reactors for improving the power factor, magnet wires
Power supply business:
Assembly of PV Solar inverters, hybrid inverters for PV and Battery, switching Power Suppliess, AC adaptors, battery chargers,
electronic ballasts for lamps, inverters for magnetrons, Power Suppliess for LED lighting, and much more various equipment
Major shareholders TDK Corporation, Midori Co., Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Teruhisa Tabuchi, The Zenitaka Corporation, Miyoshi Electronics Corporation, Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Nippon Life Insurance Company, JFE Steel Corporation
Subsidiaries Tabuchi Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., Tecno Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Thai Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tabuchi Transformer Co., Ltd., Tabuchi Electric Hong Kong Ltd., Dongguan Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd., Vietnam Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd., Tabuchi Electric Company of America, Ltd., Marschner Tabuchi Electric GmbH & Co. KG
Affiliated companies Korea Transformer Co., Ltd., Yantai Dongshan Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Bicai Tabuchi Transformer Co., Ltd.
Stock listing 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Directors, auditors and executive officers
Directors and auditors:
Representative Director, Chairman
 Teruhisa Tabuchi
Representative Director, President
 Toshihiro Kaihoshi
Corporate Director
 Shigekazu Sakabe
Corporate Director
 Masao Sasano
Corporate Director
 Yukitaka Sakamoto
Corporate Director
 Toshihito Hayano
Audit and Supervisory Board Member
 Toshiaki Ozaki
Corporate Auditor
 Hiroshi Hayashi
Corporate Auditor
 Akira Ishida
Excecutive Officers:
Chairman of the Executive board
 Toshihiro Kaihoshi
Executive Vice President
 Shigekazu Sakabe
Vice President
 Masao Sasano
Vice President
 Yukitaka Sakamoto
Executive Officer
 Junnosuke Sugitani
Executive Officer
 Norio Nadaguchi
Executive Officer
 Mitsuhito Takada
Executive Officer
 Masanao Manabe

Headquarters Access

Nissay Shin-osaka Bldg.

5 minutes walk from Shin-Osaka Station

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